Eco Belle Bar Table

Size: 24 x 24 x 40 inches
Material: Recycled Plastic Waste
  • Impact and Benefits: -

    1. Econiture furniture are made from post-consumer plastic waste that would have been destined in a landfill or ocean.
    2. We proudly make products in India and for India.
    3. Eco friendly as it lessens deforestation, reduce mining and saves natural resources like oil, energy and water.
    4. Constructed of genuine Econiture lumber, a proprietary material which includes post-consumer plastic waste.
    5. Econiture lumber is non porous, robust, nontoxic and a clean product free from any metal inclusions
    6. It is termite proof and do not gets affected by termite.
    7. It is perfect for all season, water proof and do not rot like wood.
    8. It can be clean easily and do not require polishing, painting or staining.
    9. It is heavy and durable.
    10. High quality hardware or accessories are used for corrosion resistance.
    11. After years of usage it can again be recycled into new products.
    12. No assembly required.

  • 7,749.00

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